Fedelia, at the service of the first Pillar’s digital transformation

The Company aims to manage the OASI information technology pool iPension and offers its members a Suite of integrated IT-Solutions in cooperation with our principal IT supplier NEOSIS.

Our added value


Represents the interests of its members in relation with official bodies, thematical commissions and third parties (IT suppliers)


Establishes the contractual basis with suppliers and distributes to its members modern, business and customer oriented IT solutions and ensures their on-going legal, functional and technical development using agile methods


Accountable for the startegic planning of future developpments of the Suite of solutions


Plans and establishes the operations of the IT solutions and supports its members in this context with their digital transformation


Offers services to its members and strives to achieve a catalogue of mutual services

Our vision


The digital pension and its reforms offer unparallelled opportunities for employers, insured persons, pension funds und controlling bodies. ed persons, pension funds und controlling bodies. The iPension solutions developped by NEOSIS is the first softwrae suite that covers all 3 pilars of the Swiss pension system and which is employer and insured person centric.
FEDELIA, as a partner in the business field of the compensation offices ensures the long-term usability of iPension

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Our shareholders

FEDELIA includes the following compensation funds

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Our team

Pierre delaloye


Philippe hatt


Charles Lentz


Operational leadership

Jean-paul tschumi


Michael Barbezat

Business partner

Murielle Rochat

Integration partner


Output management Expert

Rue du Port-Franc 22
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Phone : +41 21 925 29 31
Email : jp.tschumi@fedelia.ch

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